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galapagos sea lion galapagos tortoise galapagos yellow warbler galapapgos galapapgos fur sea lion galapapgos hawk galapapgos sea lion galium aparine gall gall wasp antron douglasii galley galls galápagos sea lion galápagos tortoise gambel's quail gambrel's quail game garage door garden garden peas garden snail garden. red bridge gargoyle gary and nancy linford gas flame gate gavia stellata gears gecko geese geese flight general sherman tree gentianopsis holopetala geologic formation geology george eastman george fancher george washington geranium geranium robertianum ggnra ghirardelli chocolate store ruins ghost crab ghost image ghost town giant fawn lily giant redwood giant sequoia giant tortoise gift shops gila woodpecker gila woodpeckermelanerpes uropygialison organpipe cactusarizo gila woodpeckermelanerpes uropygialison organpipe cactusarizona ginger ginger soda ginkgo biloba ginza giraffa camelopardalis giraffa camelopardalis reticulata giraffe giraphant girl glacier glacierated glass glass beach glass blower glass blowing glass doorknob glasses glassware glowing gluten free glutenfree glutenfree cookies goat goat rock goats gold gold mining golden golden delicious golden gate bridge golden gate bridge at dusk golden monkey flower goldenbush goldencrowned sparrow goldenmantled ground squirrel goldfields goldfinch gopher gopherus agassizii gouda cheese graffitied railroad car on siding grain grand canyon grand canyon national park grand canyon south rim grand canyon sunset grand tetons national park granite grape grape leaf grape skin powder in water grapefruit grapes graphium agamemnon grapsus grapsus grass grasses grate grave creek covered bridge gravenstein apple gray gray fox great great blue heron great egret great hall castello di amorosa winery great horned great horned owl greater sagegrouse green green door green grass green heron green hillside green olives green poison dart frog green red green sea turtle green shutter bodie green's greenbanded mariposa lily greenblue greenwinged teal grewia occidentalis grey sea salt griffith griffith observatory grill grist mill grizzly peak rd grosbeak ground squirrel group group in tree growths on grape leaves grus canadensis gull gulls gulls flying gyroscope hackelia sp. haematopus bachmani haematopus palliatus hairs half circle half dome half dome cables half dome from olmstead point half dome yosemite national park haliaeetus leucocephalus hall halloween haloween 2012 hamm's beer hand hand knitted handdyed handle handmade happy new year 2015 harassment hard hard disk platters harding icefield hare harpaphe haydeniana harris's hawk harsh indian paintbrush hartweg's buttercup harvested money plant seeds hatchery hats hauled up on shore hawaiian red salt hawk hay bales hay field haystack in the fog haystacks hazel atlas sand mine hazelatlas hazelatlas mine head head closeup head detail head detail from front head on view headland hearding heart heather vole heats hecata head lighthouse hecata point heceta head from south heceta lighthouse hedgerow hairstreak heermann's gull heidelberg heliconius hecale heliconius melpomene longwing butterfly helicopter helix aspersa heracleum lanatum heracleum maximum herb heron landing in slough hetch hetchy water hetch hetchy water flowing down pipes into moccasin creek power house heteromeles arbutifolia hibiscus high co2 level high desert high rise high trail high water highway highway 24 highway 31 near christmas valley oregon highway 49 highway 49 over chowchilla river hikers hiking hills hillside hilltop himalayan pink salt himantopus mexicanus himmingbird hinge hippo hirundo rustica historic building history hoenicopterus chilensis hoffman model cp 706 transsolar transistorradio hole in the ground holi festival hollyhock house hollywood sign holotype home home canned home canned tomatoes home grown home woven homemade homestead honeybee honeysuckle hood lava lizard hood ornament hooker's evening primrose hoover dam hop kiln hop kiln winery hop kilns hornet hornitos hornitos california hornitos jail hornitos california hornitos road hornitos school hornitos horns horse shoe horseback horseshoe nails horsetail hot creek hot spring runoff yellowstone hot water entering river houndstongue house finch house with blue door houseboats houses on shore hovering hubcap hubcap displeay hubcap ranch hubcaps huddle together while sleeping human animal interaction humboldt county humboldt penguin hummingbird hummingbird nest humphrey's basin hunting aphids huntington gardens hwy 1 hwy 116 hwy 36 hydrangea hydrangea petal hydrant i voted i voted did you i.o.o.f. building big oak flat i.o.o.f. hall bear valley i5 ice ice cream ice plant immature seed cone immature western gull in in flight in pond in spittle in the middle incense incense smoke images indian paintbrush indian soap plant indian soaproot indian warrior injectors ink drop in water insect insect butterfly insectivorous plant insects inside of old ford pickup inside sunol water temple insides interior interior live oak international naval review internment camp invertebrate inyo craters ioof ioof hall ipomoea indica ipomopsis aggregata iris iris douglasiana iris tenax iron bars isla espańola isla espinola isla floreana isla santa cruz island island bush poppy isopod it it is the largest known living single stem tree on earth ithuriel's spear jack london state park jack rabbit jackson lake jam james and eastern sierra nevada stream jane magnolia japan japanese japanese candy japanese internment camp japenese jasmine tobacco javelina jazz record jeans jeffrey pine pinus jeffreyi jellies jelly jelly fish jellyfish jellyfish exhibit jenner jepson prairie preserve jerry waldie for governor pin jerusalem cricket jewerly john john muir john muir house john muir study john muir wilderness john muir wilderness area jonathan jonathan apple jongold joseph oregon joshua tree joy hl3 ore mover mariposa jr. pavilion juglans californica juglans nigra julia pfeiffer burns state park junco hyemalis juniperus occidentalis var. occidentalis juvenile kadath kalynda kalynda and daisy at shell ridge kalynda at red oak victory ship kalynda conquered the hill climb kalynda on half dome katie kayakers kayaking kayaking swimming kenai fjords national park kenai pennisula kerosene lamp ketchup bottle key hole key wound keyhole in green door jamestown keypad kidney stones killdeer kirk vs gorn kit fox kitchen knee surgery staples knitting knobby kodak koi korbel kosher salt krumholz effect krumhotz effect krummholz effect kruse rhododendron state reserve kumquat la la brea tar pits la county art museum la purisima mission label lady bird beetle ladybird beetle ladybug ladybug pupa lake lake ashi lake behind the sand dunes lake chabot lake mamie lake tahoe lakes basin lamp post lampetra tridentata lamprey landscape lantana lantana. purple large beak large digging feet large yellow underwing larkspur larus californicus larus delawarensis larus heermanni larus occidentalis larus thayeri larvae las vegas last last leaf lasthenia lasthenia minor latch latrodectus hesperus lava lava formation lava heron lava lizard lavatera lavatera bush or tree mallow lavender lavender starflower laying lead leaf leaf color transition leaf gall leaf veins leafhopper leaves led leek leichtlin's mariposa lily lemming lemmus nigripes lemon lemon grass lemon tart lemur catta lenticular lenticular clouds leopard shark leophant leptoptilos crumenifer leptosiphon ciliatus lepus californicus leslie lesser goldfinch letharia vulpina lewis' flax lewsia cotyledon libellula luctuosa libellula saturata lichen lichens lick observatory life saver candy lifeboat house light and shadow light painting light rail light red lighthouse lights lilum columbianum lily lily magnolia lily pond lime limnodromus scolopaceus lines lines and angles linum lewisii lionel lionel 2026 lionel 627 lionel 627 lehigh valley 44 ton diesel switcher little girl portrait live car tunnel lizard llama llama getting a drink from a drinking fountain lobularia maritima lock locke locke california lodge 231 lodgepole pine logo logos lone tree lonesome george longbilled dowitcher longtailed weasel lonicera conjugialis loon loquat loquat jelly los los angeles lotus blossom lotus blossom reflection lotus flower lotus seedpods loveinamist loveinthemist lower yellowstone falls lumber yard waste burner lunaria lunaria annua lunaria biennis lupine lupinus arboreus lupinus microcarpus lures luther pass luxurious accommodations aboard the red oak victory ship lysichiton americanus maar explsion crater machine macro made madrone bark magenta maggie magnolia magnolia blossom magnolia liliiflora maianthemum racemosum mailbox mailbox post main majenta malachite malacosoma californicum male male and female male and female lava lizard male cone male lava lizard mallard mammal mammal african elephant mammal closeup mammal skull mammal skull. skull mammal. hippopotamus mammal. zebra mammals mammaml mammoth hot springs mammoth hotsprings yellowstone mammoth lakes mammoth lakes area mammoth lakes california mammoth mountain man with water buffalos mandarin orange mandarin orange peel manduca quinquemaculata mane detail manhattan beach mannature interaction manual manzanar manzanar monument manzanita manzanita leaf gall aphid maple mapleton oregon marabou stork marah fabacea marah oreganus marbles marin county marin headlands marine iguana marine iguanas mariposa county couthouse mariposa lily market marmot marmota flaviventris sierrae martinez martinez california mary's peak maryhill marys peak masked booby massive mailbox post massive trout match flame matchbox matchbox car mating may rock and marker maybe physarum polycephalum mayonnaise mcdonalds mcway falls meadow checker mallow meadow spittlebug medium format meercat melanerpes formicivorus melanerpes uropygialis melted car engine melted metal mendocino county mendocino county coast mendocino county coastline merced river merced river crossing mergus merganser merriam's chipmunk merry christmas 2016 metal handle metallic green metronome mexican mexican freetailed bat microdipodops megacephalus californicus microlophus delanonis microtus californicus microtus californicus scirpensis microwaved dvd milk milk drop milk of magnesia milk truck milky way milkyway mill milling millipede mimulus aurantiacus mimulus guttatus mimus macdonaldi mimus polyglottos minarets mine miner's lettuce mineral miners lamp can bodie mint mirounga angustirostris mission mission san francisco solano mission san luis obispo de tolosa mist mist in the trees mist trail mitchell canyon mite mixer mms mockingbird model train mojave little pocket mouse mold mold from refrigerator moldy moldy food mole mollusk mollusks mom monarch butterfly money plant moneyplant mono county mono jim peak mono lake mono lake from conway summit montane shrew monte rio monte rio sign monterey monterey county monterey county california montesano washington monument moon moon reflection moonrise moonset moraga morning glory morpho peleides mosby creek bridge mosquito lake moss mossy mossy nest mossy wall moth mothball fleet mother mother and pup mother of pearl motorcyle display old own florene mount mount diablo mount hamilton mount hood mount humphreys mount mazama mount shasta mount st. helens mount tallac mount williamson mountain mountain coyote mountain gentian mountain goat mountain rose mountain twinberry mountain whitethorn mountains mourning dove mouse mouth mouth of russian river mouth of the navarro river mouth of the russian river moving rock moving rocks mt bachelor mt morrison mt shasta area mt vernon mt. diablo mt. diablo globelily mt. hamilton mt. shasta mt. st helens eruption mt. st. helens mt. vernon muir beach muir woods muir woods sign mulan magnolia mule mule deer mule ride multimodal multnomah fall multnomah falls muriel lake mushroom mushroom cap mushroom gill detail music expereince building musical instrument muskrat mussel mustache cup mustard mustard bottle mustela frenata mute swan my my bike riding brothers my mom and me in the galapagos myodes californicus nails naked lady nannopterum harrisi napa napa county napa valley narcissus narrowleaf nasturtium national defense reserve fleet national geographic endeavor national geographic endeavour national seashore native native bee native rhododendron natre natue nature nature plant naure nautre navarro rive navarro river near cottage grove near disaster near florence near florence oregon near grant's pass near mapleton near nest in old redwood stump necklace needles needlework thread negative negative film nelson mountain road nemophila heterophylla nemophila menziesii neotamias merriami neotoma albigula durangae neotoma albigula venusta neotoma lepida lepida nescafe nest nest box nesting nesting holes nestling nevada falls new fangled washing machines new growth new york new york subway nicer accommodations with rank nicotiana alata nigella damascena night light night photography night roost nightshade nile nile river no 69 no. 1a autographic jr. noctua pronuba non breeding nonbreeding north fork yachats river north fork yachats river covered bridge north inyo crater north rim north seymour island northern california northern elephant seal northern kelp crab northern mockingbird northern pintail northern shoveler not a selfie not silver falls state park notholithocarpus densiflorus nture number nut nuthatch nuts nuttall's woodpecker female nymph nymphalis californica oak oak branch oak gall oak leaf oak on a hillside oak titmouse oak titmouse baeolophus inornatus oak tree oak tree growing out of old redwood stump oak trees oak trees and moon oakland oakland athletic league oakland zoo oaks oatmeal obelisk at luxor temple observatory occidential ocean ocean rocks ocean sunset ocotillo octopus suckers odd fellow baseball field odd fellow goat collar odd fellows odd fellows beach odd fellows park odd fellows signs odd fellows stone goat odd fellows teen center odocoileus hemionus odocoileus hemionus californicus oegon oenothera deltoides oenothera elata of off shore rocks office ofrc ofrc bocce ball ofrc books ofrc bulletin board ofrc gate ofrc lockers ofrc old infirmary ofrc rental cabins ofrc signs ofrc speed bump ofrc stage and clubhouse ofrc stairs ofrc store ofrc store area ofrc the rock oil cans oil on water oil tanker olcott lake old bar old barbecue old barn old barn and trees old beer bottles old beer can old bridge old building old buildings old car old chevron station old cocacola sign old door old door big oak flat old door ofrc old door still life old ford pickup old gas pump old gas pumps old glass doorknob old hasp old log old mission santa barbara old mission santa inés old paint old pier old railroad old railroad swivel bridge old redwood stump old roombodie old ruin and wagon hornitos old ruin hornitos old rusted truck old school 8 mm old sign old store old store eastern oregon old store wall old truck old wagon hornitos old wall and door ofrc old wasp nest old wood old wooden older older radio olives olmstead point olympic national park olympus 35 rc camera on on coastal spruce on fire on flower on leaf on nest on road to echo lake on the way to bodie on trail on valley oak oncorhynchus mykiss ondatra zibethicus onion onion field open country opuntia opuntia basilaris opuntia cactus or cobra plant or creeping phlox oracle america's cup boat orange orange and red rose orange glow orangeish orangered orangish yellow orb weaver orchid rockrose oregon oregon checker mallow oregon coast oregon coast looking south towards heceta head oregon iris oregon trail oregon. covered bridge organ organ keys organic organpipe cactu organpipe cactus orinda library ornithorhynchus anatinus osprey ostrich other other chairs and tables other starfish other toys otospermophilus beecheyi mendocino county otter otus kennicottii out of the clouds outdoor outside sitting over and under water over grand canyon ovis canadensis owl oxalis oxalis oregana oxalis pescaprae oxyura jamaicensis oystercatcher pace pachydiplax longipennis pacific bleeding hearts pacific dogwood pacific grove pacific harbor seals pacific lamprey pacific madrone pacific ocean pacific rhododendron pacific saloon hornitos pacific trillium packing padlock page page arizona paintbrush painted hills painted hillsjohn day fossil bedsoregon painting palace of fine arts pale purple pale swallowtail palm springs california pan de yuca panamint kangaroo rat panga pangas panorama pant panting panting while sunning paperwhites papilio eurymedon papilio polyxenes parabuteo unicinctus paramount theatre paris parishioners parker creek falls parking lot parrot parrots of telegraph hill passiflora caerulea passion flower pasta pastry patagioenas fasciata path patina pattern patterns in water peach peacock peak pear peas peas in a pod pecari tajacu pedestrians pedicularis densiflora peeling paint pelargonium graveolens pelecanus occidentalis pencil pencils pendulum penguin penstemon penstemon heterophyllus penstemon sp. people pepper peregrine falcon peromyscus attwateri peromyscus maniculatus gambelii persimmon peso petals petaluma phacelia calthifolia phalacrocorax auritus phalacrocorax harrisi phalarope phenacomys intermedius celsus pheucticus melanocephalus philaenus spumarius phlox phlox diffusa phoca vitulina phoenicopterus ruber phone photo setup photo show photographer photographer at work photographers photos as marbles piano pick picoides nuttallii picture gallery picture rock pass pier pigeon pigeon point lighthouse pigeons piggy park piggy park boards pikes place market pilings pillar point pine pine beetle infestation pink pink and white pink dogwood pink flower pink flowering plum pink lady pink rose pink rotary telephone pinkish pinnacle rock pins pintail pinus contorta pinus ponderosa pipe wrench pipevine swallowtail caterpillar pipilo crissalis pistachios pistals pistil pistil and stamens pistils pitcher plant pits place placenta from northern elephant seal mirounga angustirostris places plain titmouse plan plant plant bud pattern plant flower plants plastic bottles plastic wrap plaza plow plums plymouth pocket gopher pocket watch point arena point arena lighthouse point arena lighthousemendocino county point cabrillo point cabrillo lighthouse point cabrillo lighthousemendocino county point lobos point lobos state reserve point reyes point reyes natioanl seashore point reyes national seashore poison oak polemonium occidentale pollen pollen cone pollen cones pollen sacs pollinated flower pollination polystichum munitum pomegranate pond pond lily ponderosa pine popcorn salt pope pope valley california poppies poppy populus tremuloides porcelain cold faucet handle porcelain hot water handle porcupine port townsend portage glacier portal porter creek winery portrait portrait of kalynda possibly swamp buttercup post office building chinese camp postman butterfly posts potamc river potato chip bag potomac river potomac river near mt vernon powder powderhorn power lines powerlines prairie flax prairietype steam engine praying mantis pre mating behavior precision cork borer predyed wool preening pretty prickley pear prickly pear priest prismatic springs yellowstone privet probably from erineum mites pronghorn pronghorn antelope propane tank prosartes smithii prunus pseudacris sierra pterospora andromedea pubet sound pudding stone puddingstone puerto ayora puff pastry pugettia producta pumice pumice flat pumpkin pumpkin carving punta vicente roca pup pupa pure sea salt purple purple center purple hairs purple magnolia purple owl's clover purple salsify purple stripes puya alpestris pyrrhuloxia queen anne's lace quercus agrifolia quercus lobata quercus wislizenii rabbit brush and clouds eastern sierra rabbitbrush race track playa racetrack playa racetrack playa panoram radar domes radio radio road railroad cars jamestown railroad crossing railroad rail railroad sign railroad ties railroad tracks rails rain drops rainbow rainbow at base of nevada falls rainbow colors rainbow falls rainbow trout ramrod ranch ramrod ranch bird blinds ranunculus ranunculus canus ranunculus orthorhynchus rare earth magnets raspberries raspberry rattlesnake rattlesnake grass rd chair 82 ready for harvest reception recreation rectangles recurvirostra americana red red and orange red and yellow freesia red berries red building red chair red chair 31 red chair 33 red chair 34 place red chair 37 red chair 38 red chair 39 red chair 40 red chair 41 red chair 42 red chair 47 red chair 48 red chair 50 red chair 51 red chair 54 red chair 55 red chair 56 red chair 57 red chair 58 red chair 59 red chair 60 red chair 70 red chair 71 red chair 72 red chair 73 red chair 74 red chair 75 red chair 76 red chair 77 red chair 78 red chair 79 red chair 80 red chair 83 fort clapsop red chair 84 tunnel marin headlands red chair 87 bear valley red chair 89 red chair 92 red chair 94 red chair 96 red chair 97 red chair 98 red chair 99 red chair at multomah falls red columbine red cone gall red elderberry red fox red leaf maple red love lies bleeding red magnolia red maple red necked phalarope red oak victory ship red onion red rock red turban gall redbilled tropicbird. isla espańola redbreasted nuthatch redbreasted nuthatch sitta canadensis redding california reddish redeared slider redflowering currant redleaf maple redleafed maple redtailed hawk redthroated loon redwinged blackbird redwood redwood forest redwood or wood sorrel redwood sorrel redwood stump redwoods reflection reflections remote rental cabins reptile rescue helicopter reservoir reticulated giraffe reticulitermes hesperus returning to dock rhododendron rhododendron macrophyllum rhody festival 2016 ribbon abstract ribes sanguineum ribes speciosum richmond richmond california riders rim ring ringbilled ringbilled gull rings ringtailed lemur riparian ripples river river mist river reflection river rounded riverwalk rivets road road cut road failure road to echo lake road to mary's peak rochester covered bridge near sutherlin rock rock bridge rock creek area rock creek area eastern sierra rock dove rock formations rock ground squirrel rock pattern rock pigeon rock purslane rock wall rocks rome rome apple roof tiles roofs room with a view root burl rope rosa woodsii rose rose after rain rose bud rose geranium rosemary rosenblohm store chinese camp roses rotary rotten rotting log rounded roy's cafe sign rubra rubus parviflorus rubus spectabilis ruby beach rudbeckia ruddy duck ruddy turnstone rufous hummingbird runners runs russian gulch state park russian orthodox russian orthodox chapel russian orthodox priest at russian orthodox chapel russian ortodox russian river rust rust and rope rusted rusted chain rusted gear rusted nut rusty rusty chain rusty drill bits rusty gear rusty vent opening bodie sacramento sacramento county sacramento wildlife refuge sage sagebrush saguaro cactus saint caterine's catholic church hornitos saint patricks day salamander sally lightfoot sally lightfoot crab salmon salmon harbor salmonberry salsify salt salt and pepper shakers sambucus mexicana sambucus racemosa var racemosa san antonio san antonio texas san ardo oil field san brino gas explosion san bruno san bruno gas line explosion san diego san fernando mission san francisco san francisco bay san francisco bay bridge san francisco belle san francisco skyline san francisco subspecies san francisco water supply san francisco zoo san francisco zoo storybook key san francisco. golden gate bridge san joaquin river san leandro san luis obispo san mateo county san mateo county california san pablo bay national wildlife refuge sand sand and water sand dollars sand dune atv sand dunes sand mine sand pattern sand tufa sand tufa mono lake sand tufas sanderling sandhill crane sanibel santa santa barbara santa barbara california santa cruz island santa margarita foothill penstemon santiago island sapphire tower sarcodes sanguinea sarraceniaceae sather gate sather tower satyrium saepium saucer sauromalus ater sayornis nigricans scale scapanus latimanus scapanus latimanus caurinus scapanus latimanus latimanus scarlet gilia ipomopsis aggregata scarlet giliia scarlet ibis scarlet pimpernel sceloporus occidentalis scenery scenic schilling school group science room scientific sciurus carolinensis carolinensis sciurus griseus griseus sciurus niger sciurus niger rufiventer scrave screws scribble den scrub jay sculpture sea sea anemone sea dragon sea glass sea gull sea lion sea otter sea serpents sea urchin seahorse sealion seascape seashore seattle seattle washington sebastopol sebastopol california seed seed cap seed head seed pod seedhead seedling seedpod seeds seep spring monkeyflower sego lily selasphorus rufus self portrait sentinel bridge sepia tone sequence sequoia sequoia national park sequoia sempervirens sequoiadendron giganteum series serpentine sesame street characters set several layers of stretched cocoons sf bay bridge shack shadow shadow lake shagbark manzanita shaniko shape shapes shaping shaping with wet newspaper shark shasta shearwater sheep sheep dog sheep ranch sheep shearing shell shell ridge shell ridge open space shellfish shells shells in rock shepperds dell falls shepperds dell state park shift office shinjuku nursing college shinto shrine shoes shop i love you shop shopping mall shore shore acres state park shoreline showy pistil shriveled shrub shrubby yellow aster sialia mexicana siamang siberian miner's lettuce sidalcea campestris sidalcea oregana sierra forgetmenot sierra gentian sierra nevada sierra phenacomys sierra pine squirrel sierra redwood sierra valley kangaroo mouse sierran redwood sierran treefrog sign signs silk silk moth silk moth bombyx mori cocoon stretched on frame silk moth caterpillar silk moth caterpillars silk moth eggs silk threads silkworm silver falls silverplate silverware sisters sisyrinchium bellum sitta canadensis siuslaw river siuslaw river near wildcat creek siuslaw road size comparison size difference skiing in june skipper butterfly skull skull. dorsal view skyline skyscraper sleeping slide stabilizion sloan's liniment bottle small cascade small eggs small shorebirds shelter from 30 mph winds point reyes lifeboat station small toys small waterfall hwy 101 north of sea lion caves smiley smith's fairybells smoke smoked salt smoothbilled ani smoothed snake snow snow and rain fall on eastern sierra snow geese snow patch snow plant snowbell snowbells snowbush snowy snowy egret snowy plover soap film social sockeye soda solano county solanum solanum rantonnetii solanum umbelliferum solvang sonoma sonoma california sonoma county sonoma county coast sonoma tree vole sonoran spiny tailed iguana sooty grouse sorex monticolus obscurus south lake tahoe south rim south shore south tufa towers southern african hedgehog southwest airlines space shuttle endeavour span spanish bayonet sparaxis spark plug gauges sparring sparrow sparrow hawk sparrow zonotrichia atricapilla spawning spawning bed spawning redd spermophilus parryii spermophilus variegatus spheniscus demersus spheniscus mendiculus spice spicebush spices spider spider web spider with prey spiky spined turban gall spines spinning room spinus psaltria spiraling daisy spirals spirit houses spittle bug spittle removed spools spoon spores spots spotted tussock moth spouting horn spouting horn in full glory spouting horn kissed by the setting sun spreading phlox spring's early new growth springs sprouting sprouting potato spuce squall squares squirrel sscientific tool st. lawrence island collared lemming st. madeleine catholic church st. mary's college stachys byzantina stage and club house staghorn lichen stairs stairs ofrc sonoma county stamen stamens stamp mill stand mixer stanford star star lily star solomon's seal maianthemum stellatum starfish starflower starirs stars start of highway 49 oakhurst statue of liberty stealing sugar packets steam turbines and propeller shaft steel steelhead trout steinhart aquarium steller sea lions steller's jay stem stem gall stem hairs stenocereus thurber stenocereus thurberi stenopelmatus fuscus stewart covered bridge sticky bush monkeyflower stigma still life still life on windowsill stinky bob stone building stone jail mariposa stonehenge ww1 war memorial stop motion store with old gas pump hornitos storksbill strawberry strawberry creek stream stream snow covered trees street street scene stretching cocoon striated strretcar wires sturnella neglecta succulent succulents suction toes suds prank sugar crystal suisun bay sula dactylatra sula nebouxii sulphurflower buckwheat summer bridge ofrc summer funrussian riversonoma countycalifornia summer lake summit of picture pass sun dried tomatoes sun rays sundial bridge sunflower sunflower head with seeds sunning sunol sunol water temple sunrise sunset sunset 080314 sunset over the pacific sunsun wo company for merchandise store coulterville sunsun wo. co. store support vehicles supposedly a portion of the surf suricata suricatta sutro baths sutro tower sutter buttes sutter's fort sutton creek swainson's hawk swallow swallowtail sweet alyssum sweet creek sweet creek falls sweet family sweet peas sweet potato sweet potato eye swimming swing swirl swirling swirls sylvilagus audubonii sylvilagus bachmani syrup table canoe table salt tables tachycineta bicolor tadarida brasiliensis mexicana tailed jay taking flight tamalia coweni tamias merriami tamias merriami pricei tamiasciurus douglasii albolimbatus tan tanbark oak tangerine tanker truck tapioca tar taricha torosa tart taurine taxi taylor creek tea kettle junction teal teeth telegraph hill parrot feather detail telephone tenaya lake tent caterpillar tent site termite tern testing texas texas mouse texas ruby red grapefruit thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner thayer's gull the abyss the answer to life the universe and everything the campanile the great beach the last of the elm leaves the mike o'callaghan pat tillman memorial bridge near hoover d the mike o'callaghan pat tillman memorial bridge near hoover dam the minarets the old san buenaventura mission the rock the scream the watch tower the western wake robin the yukon wolf thermal image thimbleberry thimbleberry fruit thirty this one found on commercial grapes thistle thomomys bottae thomomys bottae saxatilis thomomys melanotis thor's well thor's well cape perpetua thor's wellcape perpetua thousand island lake thread throws sand thysanocarpus curvipes tiburon tidepool tiger aloe tiger longwing tiger or banded orange tilden botanical garden tilden park tim mckinney time tipula oleracea titmouse tokyo tokyo japan tomales bay tomatillo tomatillo cover tomatillo flower and fruit tomato tomato hornworm tomato sauce tomatoes tonic tonight's sunset tool tools top top in fog top of devil's postpile top of half dome top of half dome yosemite national park top of yellowstone falls topography tori gate tortoise tortoise dung tortoise sculpture tourist tourists tower towhee toxicodendron diversilobum toxostoma redivivum toy toyon toyota toys trabucco mercantile store bear valley trachemys scripta tracking device tractor traffic tragopogon porrifolius trailing abutilon train tranquil transamerica building transformation transit travel travetine terraces treasure island tree tree frog tree growing out of stump tree on hilltop tree sqiorrel tree swallow treefrog trees triakis semifasciata trillium ovatum trimmed cocoons trims hot glass tringa semipalmata triple creek ranch barn triteleia laxa trolley trona california troop of ringtailed lemurs tropical tropical flower trout truck tubing tucson tufa tufa tower tufa towers tufas tugboat tulip tulip magnolia tulip pollen tulip shadow tumalo tumalo falls tunnel tunnel log tunnel shaft turdus migratorius turkey vulture turnstone turtle tuttle tv twin bridges twin lakes twin lens reflex twin trunk ponderosa pine twirl filter typha uc berkeley uc berkeley life sciences building ulmus americana umbellularia californica umbrellas umpqua lighthouse umpqua river lighthouse uncultivated under water underside union hotel university of california berkeley unusual unusual flower unusual mailbox unusual saguaro cactus upper antelope slot canyon urocitellus beldingi urocitellus beldingi oregonus urocyon cinereoargenteus townsendi us navy valley valley oak valley oak. california valley view van damme state beach var. maritima variable checkerspot variegated spider plant vase vasquez vasquez rocks vegetable vein vending machine vendors and trafic ventral view ventura venus flytrap vernal falls vernal pool vest via viceroy ad video videography view east of half dome view from grizzley peak road view from half dome yosemite national park view from moro rock view from top of half dome view up teneya canyon from half dome vineripen vineyard viola adunca viola sempervirens virginia lakes vlower volcanic volcanic blast crater volcano volcano flow vulpes macrotis arsipus vulpes vulpes wagon wheel waiting for spring's green leaves walkway wall lamp wallflower walnut creek walnut creek bart parking lot walnut creek california walter a. haas washington washington monument wasp wasp nest wasps watch watch fob and chain watchtower water water drop water drops water flow water lily water on aspen leaf water over feet water plant water reflection water scene waterdrop waterdrops waterdrops on calla lily waterdrops on leaf waterfall waterfall closeup watermelon eating contest waterslide waterwheel wave wave action wave action overwhelms wave and sand wave crashing waves wax weathered sandstone weathered wood weaving room wedding weed week 3 week 4 week one western western black widow western blue flax western bluebird western blueeyed grass western brush rabbit western fence lizard western fox squirrel western gray squirrel western grebe western grey squirrel western gull western gull larus occidentalis western jacob's ladder western jumping mice western juniper western lane county western longspur violet western lowland gorilla gorilla gorilla gorilla western mastiff bat western meadowlark western pond turtle western redbacked vole western redbud western screechowl western scrubjay western skunk cabbage western span western span of bay bridge and san francisco from yerba buena island western span san francisco bay bridge western subterranean termite western subterranean termites western sword fern western tent caterpillar western wakerobin western white trillium wet wet season wet year wheat wheel whiskerbrush white white and red and white form white columbine white exudate white insect eggs with stalk on valley oak leaf white mariposa lily white mountains white petaled flowering plum white rose white stripes white water whitecrowned whitecrowned sparrow whitefaced hornet whitethroated woodrat why you are still waiting for that report widow skimmer wild cat bridge wild cucumber wild flower wild galapagos tortoise wild oats wild rose wildflower wildflowers wildlife habitat willet winchesyer bay oregon wind windmill window window and curtain window reflection wine wine barrels winery wing scales winged figure of the republic winged figure of the republic hoover dam winged seeds winter winter grapevines wire with bee with food with pollinator with ruffled feathers with small rodent wolf wolf hous wood wood fish hook containers wood plane woodbridge road wooded trail woodland columbine woodland pinedrops woodpecker woodpecker holes woodyorchid wool workings world war ii wrenches writing desk xanthoria parietina xylocopa californica yaquina head light yaquina head lighthouse yarn yashicaa yellow yellow anthers yellow bush lupine yellow center yellow double yellow line yellow pistils yellow sand verbena yellow skunk cabbage yellow slime mold yellow stamens yellow staments yellow tulip yellow wig gall yellow wildflower yellowstone yellowbellied marmot yellowjacket yellowkacket yellowrumped warbler yellowstone yellowstone bubbkling hot spring yellowstone falls yellowstone national park yerba santa yolo county california yorkville yosemite yosemite falls yosemite national park yosemite valley from top of half dome young young girl young girl on beach young girl portrait young girl running young girl. pigeon flying young suckling young western gull younger kids yucca yucca arizonica zabriskie point zalophus wollebaeki zapus princeps pacificus zauschneria californica zebra zebra aloe zebraphant zebratailed lizard zenaida macroura zigadenus fremontii zinnia zion zion national park zodiac zodiacs zonotrichia atricapilla zonotrichia leucophrys zoomed zucchini zygocactus